Bergey's Fuel Center in Souderton


Bergey's Fuel Center is conveniently located on Route 113. We sell gas and diesel fuel to our Souderton area customers. Our facilities are designed to serve all types of customers including individuals, businesses, and commercial fleets. There are 3 islands available to serve our customers. The cash island is located near the Buick GMC Service Center. The 2 upper credit islands are equipped to handle all sizes of vehicles from passenger vehicles to commercial trucks complete with dual diesel pumps to help expedite the refueling process. If you need 24 hour fuel accessibility we offer it through our credit islands. All you need to do is insert a major credit card or a fuel card issued by Bergey's and pump your fuel.

A Bergey's Fuel Card provides you with several advantages:

  • Access to fuel 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • No waiting in line at the cash register
  • Detailed monthly fuel statements with information regarding each fuel purchase including date and time, type, quantity and price. Odometer, card number or vehicle number can be included if desired. 
  • A consolidated statement with multiple fuel cards -- the ability to have multiple cards but still receive a single consolidated monthly fuel statement. Great for fleets or families.
  • Immediate fuel card de-activation if lost or stolen. 

Additional services available at Bergey's Fuel Center and businesses nearby

  • Windshield squeegees and paper towels
  • No charge air stations to inflate tires
  • Car wash vacuums to sweep out your vehicle
  • 24-Hour Touchless Car Wash equipped to handle most cars and light trucks

Get your vehicle refueled and washed at the same convenient location in Souderton