Glare on your windshield when you're driving into the sun when it's rising or setting can cause you to strain your eyes, which often causes tension headaches. If you want driving into the sun to be easier, you should have some strategies to reduce the glare on your windshield. At Bergey's Auto Dealerships, we love giving our customers the tools to make driving safer and easier, so here are our top two tips to reduce glare.

Buy some polarized sunglasses. You should keep them in a compartment that you can reach while driving so that they're within reach if you change directions and suddenly need them. Also, designate one pair that will be strictly for the car so that you don't forget them.

Don't forget to clean the inside of your windshield, either. When the inside of the car gets fogged up, you might quickly swipe your hand over the moisture to clear it away, which can leave smears that increase the glare on the windshield later.



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