Getting There with Fuel to Spare

Whether you're driving your vehicle around town or hitting the road for a long trip, there is one constant: stops at the gas station. These visits to the nearest pump can add up in cost over the lifetime of your vehicle. That's why we at Bergey's Auto Dealerships want to help you maximize your fuel economy with a few simple gas-saving tips.

One thing you can do that will improve your fuel economy and the appearance of your vehicle is to remove all the excess clutter from the interior. Depending on what you're hauling around, you could be reducing your fuel economy by several percentage points. Another easy tip is to use your vehicle's cruise control as often as possible. A constant speed will help your car burn fuel more efficiently.

If you're having problems with your gas mileage simply because your vehicle is old and worn out, consider stopping by our dealership today to take a look at the new models we have available.



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