The Ford Fusion is just one of Ford's many new vehicles, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. This mid-size sedan offers plenty of seating, and it possesses a good amount power underneath the hood. This article is written to highlight some of the sedan's top exterior features so let's get started.

The new Ford Fusion sports an elegant and sophisticated design thanks to its phenomenal exterior dimensions. Long and sleek is what this mid-size sedan truly is. Beautiful LEDs encapsulate each corner of the vehicle as they appear to look like stunning crystals. Fusion's front fascia is a work-of-art to some degree thanks to its chrome accents. Ford will be offering a number of wheel sizes and designs to create a more personalized look. This includes:

  • 16-inch silver-painted wheels
  • 17-inch sparkle-silver aluminum wheels
  • 18-inch machine-face aluminum wheels
  • And many more

For a free test drive of the Ford Fusion, you'll need to head over to our dealership today. You definitely won't be disappointed.



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