Chrysler Pacifica Safety Features

The Chrysler Pacifica is a popular family minivan that has some serious safety technology. Chrysler has gone to great lengths to ensure that your family is as safe as possible in the Pacifica. Our team is most impressed with the advanced camera system.

The Pacifica uses four cameras to create a 360-degree view around itself. This helps you to have a complete view of every angle of the Pacifica. Another great safety feature Chrysler has integrated into the Pacifica is rear cross-traffic detection. This safety system checks angles that you may not be able to see in the 360-degree view and alerts you to any objects that may be present. This system is especially useful in busy and crowded parking lots.

The Chrysler Pacifica is the ultimate family minivan. If you would like to learn more about the Pacifica's safety features, you can visit Bergey's Auto Dealerships. You could also take the Pacifica for a test drive.



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