New GMC Canyon Delivers Technology On-the-Go

The GMC Canyon remains a favorite option for owners wanting a durable, reliable small truck. The latest models ensure that owners have the connectivity technology they desire to stay informed, stay in touch, and stay safe.

The infotainment system comes with optional navigation capabilities. The technology makes road trips less stressful when you can find the locations you need for food, fuel and accommodations or repairs. Get current weather conditions and easy to comprehend driving instructions. Link the system with a mobile device to play music soundtracks, make or receive calls. Power outlets keep your devices charged along the way.

The Canyon's rear-view camera makes backing up a breeze. The camera especially comes in handy when towing a load. With a clear view of the back of the truck, you need not worry about having a collision with obstacles. However, you need to see the GMC Canyon in person at Bergey's Auto Dealerships to appreciate all of the truck's features.



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