New GMC Yukon is Fully Capable

The new GMC Yukon is a popular and roomy full-size SUV. The new Yukon provides drivers with a wide variety of high-performing features that include innovative direct injection engines as well as extended towing capacities.

On the power front, the new GMC Yukon produces 355 hp from its 5.3L V8 engine. Underpinning this power is a special variable valve timing system (VVT) that optimizes engine RPMs to road and driving conditions. In addition, the Yukon provides the power of advanced direct injection technology for increased fuel effectiveness and power. Plus, the GMC Yukon saves drivers even more gas with a specialized active fuel management system. This system can deactivate up to 4-cylinders when they are not in use in order to promote greater fuel efficiency.

On the hauling front, the Yukon provides many useful towing capacities. For one thing, the Yukon provides operators with automatic trailer sway controls. During windy or otherwise poor weather conditions, this can keep the trailer and the vehicle aligned. Plus, drivers have the convenience of the Hill Start Assist technology that allows the vehicle to take off on steep grades without any hitches.



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