When you get a new Dodge Journey at Bergey's Auto Dealerships, you'll have the opportunity to make it your own. The beloved mid-sized SUV is available with some exterior upgrades that are capable of helping you out on your travels.

One of the most convenient add-ons you can get is the roof rack. The rack is designed to accommodate larger items. Rather than taking up room in the cabin, you can secure heavy cargo on the roof above you. The rack is available in black or bright metal. It's securely fastened to the body of the SUV and gives you plenty of options for tying down your cargo.

Also available are feature-rich side mirrors. Instead of the standard stationary equipment, you can get powered mirrors that fold inwards with a press of a button. This is a great feature to have if you ever need to park in a tight garage. The mirrors also have a built-in heating system, making ice and fog a thing of the past.



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