Luxury and Safety Combine in The Buick LaCrosse

In today's market, the term luxury is thrown around a lot. Various brands will add a feature here or there in an attempt to market to the luxury class buyer. However, the Buick LaCrosse pulls out all the stops to provide a truly luxurious experience. Underneath the high-quality material and precision craftsmanship, the LaCrosse offers state of the art safety features, too.

The innovative safety alert seat sends pulses on either side of the seat to alert the driver to oncoming hazards. This ingenious development allows the driver to take precaution without taking their eyes off the road. The rear cross traffic alert and back-up camera system allow the driver to see what's behind them on the display panel on the dashboard. Meanwhile, sensors on the LaCrosse can detect cross traffic coming from up to 65 feet away from the vehicle.

To experience the comfort of the Buick LaCrosse and to find out about the many more safety features, visit your local Buick dealership.



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