Why Your Radiator Is The Unsung Hero Of Your Car

If your engine overheats, it is susceptible to all kinds of damage. Gaskets can be blown and parts can be damaged that will end up costing a car owner thousands of dollars in completely avoidable repairs. That is why we here at the Bergey's Auto Dealerships want to be sure you know how servicing your radiator and engine cooling systems regularly can help avoid this situation entirely.

A radiator helps remove all of the excess heat from an engine and expel it to the much cooler air, where it is diffused away from the vehicle. Your radiator should be fully flushed and replaced with new fluid once every five years or 30,000 miles, whichever of these two values should come first. If you need your radiator and engine cooling system serviced or would like to have any other work performed, then feel free to swing by and see us at our auto service facility nearest you today!

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